Managing Energy Together

Giving you the tools and experience of large energy companies.

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The Energy Mutual Platform

Whether you have a single energy asset or multiple types, our online asset management system will manage them together. Saving you time, increasing generation and giving you peace of mind.

Real-time monitoring

See the performance of your installations in real-time and in one consolidated dashboard view

Centralised File Store

Your entire team can easily locate any document related to your Installation

History Tracking

See the entire history of your installation, from it's design and installation to today, all in one place

Trend Analysis

Quickly and easily track the performance of your asset over its lifetime and identify issues sooner

Task Management

Keeping track of your Energy Business is hard. Our Task Management system helps keep you on top of things

Highly Flexible

Built from the ground-up with flexibility in mind, we are capable of integrating with a wide range of renewable energy assets. Contact us today to find out if we can support yours

Continuously improving to support your distributed energy assets:



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Scalable to your needs

Small Business

You might be a community energy project, a farmer or manufacturer with onsite energy generation. You want to know that your renewable energy system is performing at its best all of the time.


You might be a regional council, academic campus or large country estate with several properties and renewable energy devices under your management. You need a consolidated view of your organisation’s energy consumption, generation and progress towards net zero emissions.

Everything in 'Small Business' plus...


You might have designed, developed or installed several renewable energy systems throughout the country. You now need a better way to support your client’s projects by automating performance reports, managing documentation, recording service reports and identifying performance deficiencies early.

Everything in 'Enterprise' plus...

Our process, your journey


We connect to your asset's existing performance data and create a live data feed  to the Energy Mutual platform.



Your data is stored in a secure cloud server and you receive a consolidated view of your assets in real time.



Detailed asset information, fault/service history records and task management.



View trends and receive customised insights into the performance of your assets.



Easily produce monthly, quarterly, annual performance reports for stakeholders.


Learn & Share

Be part of our community. Learn from other energy businesses and benefit from economies of scale.

We connect the dots


We're not just a software company - our engineers can support your energy projects with impartial advice and management services. Feel free to contact us below to discuss your requirements.


We actively seek opportunities to trial new technology and solutions in collaboration with our clients and wider energy industry stakeholders.


Once connected to the Energy Mutual platform we offer our clients ongoing opportunities to collaborate in group deals to reduce the operating costs of your energy business and to maximise revenue.

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Founders: Kyle & Sam
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Our Story

We make distributed energy systems work.

Energy Mutual was born from the belief that by working together, we can realise the true potential of distributed energy systems.

Initially founded as an Energy Consultancy back in 2013, we have a wealth of experience in getting the most out of a broad range of renewable energy assets. Now, with the development of our cloud-based asset-management platform, we can also help you manage the day-to-day operation of your hydro, wind or solar energy generation assets on-the-go and eliminate bottlenecks.

Let's work together to get the most out of your energy assets

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