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Save time. Generate more. Protect your energy assets.

"It’s great to see all our energy assets in the same place - excellent in fact.
Thank you so much"

Hugh Raven,Managing Director, Ardtornish Hydro

Save time

We help you focus on what matters most to you.

With an Energy Mutual account you can quickly check the status of your energy assets on a single dashboard and find key documentation at a click of a button. Create logins for team members so that tasks and performance history are managed together.

Generate more

We give you the peace of mind that your assets are performing at their best.

Our real-time monitoring and optimisation algorithms identify performance improvements and automate periodic reporting, with insights that support everyone, from the Site Engineer, to the CEO.

Protect your assets

We provide you with the tools to maximise the efficiency and lifetime of your energy assets.

Use your Energy Mutual account to create a full audit trail of your energy asset's "health", identify problems early and collaborate with other platform users.

Innovate together

Let's work together to make cleaner, cheaper & reliable energy infrastructure.

By managing energy assets together, including generation and consumption, we work with you to create more integrated energy systems that optimise the use of new and existing energy infrastructure.

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