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The way we produce, transport and consume energy is changing. The global push towards sustainable energy sources is upending the traditional energy industry: centralised power stations are closing, renewable generation is proliferating at the far ends of existing electrical grids, consumers are becoming producers, communities are building and owning energy projects, transportation is staring at an electric future and yet we still rely heavily on natural gas and oil for heating.

Energy Mutual understands the technical, commercial and social challenges associated with this energy transition. We seek to develop, support and operate integrated energy projects that are mutually beneficial for consumers, owners and the environment. Our global network of energy experts possess extensive engineering, project management and operational experience, allowing us to work on exciting projects in beautiful places with interesting people.

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Fort William Biogas & Power

Utilising local waste streams from the whisky distilling and salmon farming industries, this project seeks to generate renewable gas, electricity and heat for local industrial consumers.

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EV Charging Infrastructure

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are quickly becoming a real proposition for mainstream consumers. To facillitate electric transportation requires careful consideration of charging infrastructure to optimise utilisation rates and to minimise infrastructure development costs. Energy Mutual can assist in the development of charging infrastrucutre by selecting optimum sites, designing phased infrastructure deployment strategies and monitoring/controlling the charging infrastructure to ensure cost-effective operation.

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Knoydart Hydro Improvement Project

The Knoydart Hydro Improvement project was a remote, logistically challenging project that required close cooperation with a number of local and national stakeholders. Electricity on the southern side of the Knoydart peninsula is supplied by a 280kW hydroelectric turbine that distributes power across a 7km, 11kV electrical grid. The system is entirely community owned; from generation, to distribution, metering and billing. Overtime, the demand for power has increased in Knoydart and as a result there were certain times in the year when the power from the hydroturbine could not meet the demand from the community. Furthermore, due to hydrodynamic problems in the pipeline, the turbine could only produce ~200kW rather than 280kW. As a result, the scope of the Hydro Improvement project included the desire to increase electrical power output, the installation of a controllable loch draw-down valve and the repair of leaks in the dam. Energy Mutual managed the development of the project and successfully coordinated project consultants/contractors to realise a 25% improvement in power output and a new hydro dam that was compliant with SEPA regulations.

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Microgrid Operations

Energy Mutual has experience managing the operations of islanded electrical grids. From the implementation of standard procedures, performance monitoring, long-term planning as well as proactive and reactive maintenance planning.

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Demand Side Management

Experience implementing demand side management systems for microgrid networks and building level energy management. Experience with specific technical solutions include the use of Power Line Communication systems, smart storage heaters and the trial of a behavioural demand management system utilising a Philips Hue light bulb to control power consumption on a small microgrid network.

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Wind Energy Development & Operations

Energy Mutual's associates have professional experience working with the world's largest wind turbine manufacturer to deliver novel operational strategies and performance engineering. Furthermore Energy Mutual has supported a number of commercial feasibility assessments for industrial onsite generation and the aggregation of smaller, independent projects.

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Energy Access Surveys

Energy Mutual has experience designing surveys and collecting energy consumer information in emerging economies. Specifically, an energy access research study was designed and implemented by Energy Mutual's associates in the DR Congo to assess existing consumer purchasing power and energy requirements for the evaluation of clean energy delivery options.

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Project Management Provider

Energy Mutual is one of the approved Project Management providers for Local Energy Scotland funded energy projects.

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Caribbean Islands Energy Developments

Energy Mutual's associates have several links with a number of Carribean islands and we are actively pursuing renewable energy projects that enhance island energy resiliency and can aggregate sufficient scale between islands to deliver a lower cost of energy.

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