Connecting the dots

Energy Mutual was founded on the premise that distributed energy systems can perform better if managed collectively - that means standardising asset management processes, sharing best practice and data as well as identifying collaboration opportunities. 

Based in Fort William, Scotland, Kyle Smith and Sam Gray have combined their experience in renewable energy systems and software engineering to create an online platform that supports the community of distributed energy owners and managers around the globe.

Initially working with a number of country estates and community groups in the Highlands of Scotland, Energy Mutual has become known as a trusted partner in delivering energy infrastructure projects and managing energy assets.

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Kyle Smith & Sam Gray
Kyle & Sam
The Energy Mutual platform

Our Values

Less is more

We aim to be efficient in everything we do and believe more can be accomplished with less complexity, less noise, less energy and less carbon.

You can trust us

We are all on the mission towards a more sustainable society and there is no room for dishonesty on this journey. We will always try to do the 'right' thing and share our honest opinions, regardless of personal gain.

We connect the dots

We look across the entire energy and technology sectors to make connections that others may have missed. We love finding new ways to use existing infrastructure and we are all about creating more integrated energy systems.

We aren't perfect

Innovation is only possible if you are willing to accept that failure is a possibility. We accept that we’re not perfect but we learn from our experiences and continually improve.

We're here to energise

Working with Energy Mutual should be a rewarding experience for all; be that our clients, our staff or any other stakeholder.